Lawyer directory with advanced search capabilities, user reviews, and bookings. Optimized for SEO and built on WordPress.

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Aluma Designs

Bespoke step-by-step product customizer based on WordPress and WooCommerce. Our solution features custom attributes, bulk discounts, and a dynamic pricing scheme.

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BarVirgin University

For this project we have created a completely customized training platform based on Symfony and Sylius (a modern approach to e-commerce), plus an iOS companion app. Features courses, lessons, and quizzes.

We are proud to have been a part of this project with the European Comission for which we developed a dual-lingual website where the public can get informed about the ongoing administrative work that is relevant to them.

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An e-commerce website, the home of the local fashion brand Zenya. It boasts features such as made-to-measure product customizations, and a responsive design with a focus on high quality imagery, for which we make use of our custom developed plugin, Theia Smart Thumbnails. The project is based on a WordPress and WooCommerce setup.

Men’s Health Romania

When Men’s Health Romania approached us to design their official website we agreed on building it on WordPress and on implementing some of our own plugins into the interface (Theia Sticky Sidebar and Theia Smart Thumbnails) in order to improve its UX. This, alongside with a major design update, resulted in a modern, flat aesthetic that has visual impact and caters to the user’s needs. Photography Community

This is an in-house project that we’ve always enjoyed working on. The challenge was to create a flexible and automated platform for hosting weekly photo contests that are focused on honest and constructive criticism. We’ve used Symfony and PostgreSQL for a high-performance and modular back-end, and Bootstrap for a clean and modern front-end.

FHM Romania

This is the official website for the FHM Romania magazine. It is built and designed from scratch using WordPress as its foundation. It features a clean and responsive interface with several UX tweaks – for example, the posts can be scrolled indefinitely, while the sidebar stays permanently visible regardless of how much the user scrolls down.

Home & Decor Magazine

This is the official website for the Romanian home and decor magazine named “Casa și Gradina” (House and Garden). It uses WordPress as its core and features a clean and responsive user interface

Marie Claire Romania

The official website for the Marie Claire magazine in Romania. Using WordPress as its foundation, it features a clean and responsive design and makes use of our custom developed plugins.