Using NextGEN Gallery with Bedrock

Recently we decided to migrate all of our older WordPress websites to Bedrock. If you haven’t used Bedrock before, you should know that it’s basically a more solid foundation that comes with a better project structure, Composer integration, easy deployments using Capistrano, and so on. We’re using it for virtually all of our new WordPress websites. We ran into an issue regarding the NextGEN Gallery plugin which at the moment is not compatible with Bedrock. Unfortunately one of our client’s websites – namely – is …

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    Introducing Paco –’s adorable mascot

    Following an important interface update, Liviu wanted me to create a mascot that would get people’s attention and make their stay on the website more enjoyable. With that in mind, I started looking at what kinds of mascots other sites were using. After a little searching, I found that Twitter, GitHub, Duolingo, Firefox, Thunderbird, MailChimp and others had animals that represented them. Although the Internet might be ruled by cats (and I do love them), we agreed that a dog would be a better embodiment of the passion and curiosity Picof’s community of photographers possesses.
    That’s how Paco, a photographer’s best friend, came to be.

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      Designing a music label logo

      Hi, Razvan here! This is a personal project I worked on where I created album covers for artists spanning various genres of music such as folk, pop/electronic and rock and since I wanted my design to be as detailed as possible I needed a logo of a music label to use on promotional materials like CDs and posters. This was something that I had been wanting to do for a while so I ended up being quite picky and took my time in choosing the final draft.

      I started by trying to find a name that would reference the artistic aspect and move away from big-business type names and I tried to think about how visual and musical creativity are connected and can inform each other.

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        Nginx configuration for Sylius

        Recently we started using the increasingly popular Sylius platform for one of our e-commerce projects. Sylius is based on Symfony2, the leading PHP framework which we have worked with in the past. Although we also use WooCommerce for smaller projects, Sylius provides a more modern and powerful solution that we believe is definitely better suited for more ambitious e-commerce projects.

        A problem that we initially struggled with was getting Sylius to work properly on our Nginx + PHP-FPM + Ubuntu 14.04 web server. We started with a standard Symfony2 configuration file plus some optimizations, but could not get any product thumbnails to work. Turns out that LiipImagineBundle is used to generate thumbnails on-the-fly, and this was interfering with our cache expiry rule-set, resulting in 404s for any image thumbnails that we tried to display.

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