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v2.0.0 - 03 Jun 2018

  • Added 148 new arrow icons in highly optimised SVG format.
  • Added support for Google Analytics' new Global Site Tag (gtag.js).
  • Various fixes and improvements.

v1.15.1 - 24 Aug 2017

  • Fixed issues with header and title shortcodes.

v1.15.0 - 24 Aug 2017

  • Greatly improved compatibility with certain themes and page builders.
  • Improved the updater system.
  • Other minor fixes.

v1.14.0 - 29 Mar 2017

  • Added per-post options for slide loading mechanism.
  • Added additional styling options.
  • Added support for sites behind CloudFlare's flexible SSL.
  • Other minor fixes.

v1.13.0 - 26 Jan 2017

  • Improved compatibility for touch gestures.
  • Improved performance.
  • Removed compatibility with PHP 5.2.x and below.
  • Several other fixes and improvements.
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