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v2.7.2 - 11 Jul 2021

  • fixed Fixed touch gestures
  • improved Improved page score metrics: reduced file size of assets

v2.7.1 - 15 Feb 2021

  • fixed Updated libraries: improvements and bugfixes

v2.7.0 - 12 Feb 2021

  • new Added option for custom SVG icons for both slider and carousel
  • fixed Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

v2.6.0 - 15 Nov 2020

  • new Added full Carousel functionality as core part of Theia Post Slider
  • improved Replaced underlying Carousel library with a better and modern alternative
  • fixed Several improvements and fixes to the Carousel

v2.5.4 - 08 Nov 2020

  • new Added option to trigger a custom script upon navigating to a another slide
  • fixed Fixed keyboard navigation
  • fixed Fixed scroll to content after refresh
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